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 by John Seedhouse A little while back we wrote about Neil Gaiman and his writing and love of tea. This week we met his wife the musician Amanda Palmer. This made us very happy as we had been waiting for this for quite a while. If you are unaware of Amanda Palmer then I would advise a swift Google of her name and then be prepared for a deluge of epic internet wave proportions. She is the face of success for the Kickstarter self-funded creative. Her latest album was crowd source funded and her fans are fiercely loyal as shown by her legions of Twitter followers. She is the muse behind Neil’s latest book “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” and now in the last fortnight a naked antagonist of the Daily Mail. First and foremost though, she is a performer and a passionate one at that. Having followed her music since she was a member of the Dresden Dolls we were pretty confident of a sweaty and energetic concert in the intimate venue (HMV Institute, Birmingham) The level of loyalty shown by her fans was evident in the early queues for entry. As an old cynic I am used to seeing fans drift in to gigs but here were lines round the corner before the doors even opened and I would say that everyone coming was inside and waiting a good 15 minutes before the support act – the avant-guard electro-orchestral pieces from bassist Jherek Bischoff (@jherekbischoff) and the Talking Heads-esque electro-punk of Chad Raines (@radchaines). Duo Bitter Ruin (@BitterRuin) played a single song in a surprise appearance although singer Georgia joined Amanda onstage for a couple of numbers.

Amanda Palmer and Georgia Train

What gave the gig a real inclusive feel was the family feel of support and main act. This is a tour that uses everyone at almost all times onstage with a feeling that every musician is reticent to leave and not be involved in every song. This was not a mix of bands but the full working of the Grand Theft Orchestra – simply showcasing permeations.

Amanda Palmer Not so precious as to mine through a back catalogue and the current album “Theatre is Evil” the band launched into covers of “Please let me get what i want” by the Smiths, a storming “Common People” by Pulp, an instrumental Sabbath cover of “Iron Man” driven by Thor Harris’s thundering drumming – a real crowd pleaser for the local fans and most insanely the moshing and stage diving “Smells like Teen Spirit” which was ripped into by the third song and then replaced “Ukelele Anthem” as the encore to the show.

Amanda Palmer and the 

crowd @thorharris666 was the drummer and he was magnificent #afp #amandapalmer

Hot and sweaty we managed to get a quick few minutes with Amanda (now clutching an ice pack to a bruised head and clearly in post gig adrenaline-fueled mode) and gave her a restoring Travelling Tin which she posed with.

If you are looking for something a little different to play this summer then I would really get back into Google and check her out. Go listen to the album streamed on her site ( or invest a few Euros in a full copy.

Words and pics by John and Mara from Leftlung. Translation by Mara Cruzado @leftlung @maraleftlung (find us on Facebook or Google+, or at


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