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Neil Gaiman and the Travelling Tea:


Blog post by John Seedhouse (@leftlung)

Translation into Spanish: Mara Cruzado (@maraleftlung)

They say that you should never meet your heroes, but is that so true in these days of Twitter and blogging? Some of the myth and mystic has vanished and maybe our love of artists now comes more from seeing that they are human?

There was a sense of absolute excitement in the Leftlung house when we found out that Neil Gaiman had written a new book, “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” – a novel that “started as a love letter” to his wife Amanda Palmer during a several month long period where she was working on her album in Australia and he was tied to America. It turned into a novella which he convinced himself that it was for many months, before a final word count confirmed that this was a novel - “a moment accompanied by an apologetic call to my New York publisher.”


Anyway, Neil was going to be doing his “last ever” signing tour and therefore we decided that we really should take advantage of this and get ourselves along to meet the man. Problem? Not really – just the small matter of a 3 hour drive across and down the middle of England to the lovely university town of Cambridge.

We know that Neil likes tea. It’s an unwritten rule that all authors must drink lots of it. We decided that it would be important to thank Neil for his many hours of reading joy, from Coraline to Sandman, to the wonderful tale of Shadow in American Gods, and a Travelling Tin of “Fata Morgana” was added to the adventure kit. 


The event was held in the Cambridge Union Society building - a wonderful hall and rooms hidden away from the street  - and the perfect venue for the event. Neil read from the new book and then took questions from the eager audience of fans. Hints of sequels to American Gods and sage writerly advice for new authors were imparted softly to the reverent audience.

We gave Neil the tea in exchange for his signature on our books and a cheeky photo. He had promised Mara a hug in a pre-event tweet and this too was claimed.


The new book “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” is out now in English and should be available in Spanish in October, published by Roca Editorial (Patricia Escalona, their editor, confirmed dates and guaranteed the high level of their translation)


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