Artisans of tea, sweets, and good times

SINCE 1993

We were your first tea house, Málaga!

We have been surprising you for over 25 years with the vast quantity of hand-crafted products on our menu, the quality of its ingredients, our very generous portions, and the positive energy of our team!

At La Tetería you’ll find more than 150 types of teas and infusions, an extensive variety of homemade cakes and crepes, and finger-liking breakfasts.



Teas, Cakes


When it’s time to pause, do it in La Tetería!

Enjoy the unique backdrop of the cathedral’s tower, listen to its clock’s hands marking the passing of time and step away from the rush, the noise and the madness of everyday life.

Would you rather enjoy a quiet conversation with your partner, family or friends indoors?

Málaga, you are truly adorable!

But you are often overcome by the hustle and bustle that overcomes all the 21st century cities. And, Málaga, you must pause. So, when you take a break, do it at La Tetería!

We are hidden in a magical corner of your streets, in front of San Agustín’s church and a few meters from the Picasso museum, in a pedestrian street strewn with bougainvillea trees.

Our eco-friendly space is designed to inspire serenity – our candle lights, chilled music, recycled lamps, wooden stools, our potted old teapots…

In this magical space you can plan epic expeditions, solve the world’s problems, and create intimate moments that you will remember for a lifetime!

Exotic teas. Scrumptious cakes.


Exotic teas. Scrumptious cakes.


Try our more than 150 tea selection!

Sip by sip. Feel the relaxing and calming effects of our herbal teas.

Pause and let the world go on with its crazy pace beyond our little oasis of peace.  And our team, what can we tell you about our team? 90% of its members have been working at La Tetería for more than 10 years.

When you want to lose yourself from the world in our space, you will become part of our family. You will know us and we will know you. We will know which little corner you prefer. The type of tea you enjoy. Whether you have a sweet or a savoury tooth. If you need a little time on your own or if you are looking for someone to make you draw a smile.

We know what you love! So, why resist?

Take our teas home and enjoy them like never before!

Málaga, let us tempt you!

Since the time when things were done by hand, with love and without haste. With quality local ingredients. With appreciation for every detail. Savouring the process and the results.

And although they now call it “doing things Slow”, at La Tetería we don’t know how to do it any other way. We don’t want to do it any other way!

Our menu has a super extensive variety of sweets, all of which will be an explosion of joy on your palate! We have up to 26 different cakes, each one more delicious than the next!

And to our succulent homemade cakes, add our crepes, waffles, sandwiches, smoothies, our famous granola with yogurt and fruits…

Do you know what’s your favourite sweet temptation, Málaga?Our famous carrot cake! One of the best kept secrets in our kitchen! Fluffy, creamy and with just the right amount of sweetness.

Our carrot cake is followed very closely by our Cookie Cake and our Nutella smoothie!

All our temptations have one thing in common: they are made with the utmost care for you to enjoy intensely.

Are you going to deny yourself the #UltimatePleasure?


Are you a fan of tea and that great source of happiness that are sweets? Do you want to know our kitchen’s secrets? The stories of our tea suppliers?


Visit us at La Tetería and Travel around the world in 159 teas!