Our Sweets

Homemade cakes

Crazy about chocolate

Hot brownie with vanilla and chocolate syrup

Milk jam, biscuits and sponge cake

Red velvet

Apple streusel with ginger toffee

A bomb of pure sweet pleasure! Sink your spoon into our most popular cake and see how that wonderful mixture of apple and ginger toffee softly oozes out onto your plate. You won’t be able to erase that image and those flavours from your mind!


Carrot cake with coconut and cookies

Centre stage in a lot of cafés An international classic. But, until you try La Tetería’s Carrot and Coconut Cake, you won’t be able to say you had the best carrot cake of your life!

Light, very tasty, perfect for vegetarian and vegan diets!

Junior´s cheesecake

San Agustin´s cheesecake

Gluten free

Lemon cake

Gluten free

Kinder cake

Vegan Banoffe

With almond, coconut, flax seed, agave, soy milk, date, coconut oil, tahini and banana.

Gluten free

Vegan sweet potato pie

Gluten and sugar free

Arabian Sweets

Unit / assortment of 4 units / assortment of 6 units


With cream

Chocolate cream with nuts, white, dark or caramel and cream

Fruit mix with powdered sugar or white chocolate



(Cured ham with tomatoes and oil).


(ham and cheese).


Sweet crêpes

With cream

Strawberry ,raspberry or peach

Lemon and sugar

Dark or nutella chocolate


White chocolate


Milk jam

Sweetened chestnut cream and cinnamon

Apple puree and cinnamon

Condensed milk, banana, cookies and cinammon Crêpe

An amazing combination of sweet and warm flavours that will melt in your mouth and take you straight to sweet-tooth paradise! Unbeatable with any of our more than 120 blends of teas!

Chocolate with walnuts


Chocolate with banana


Milk jam,banana and cinnamon

Chocolate, walnuts and banana



Croissant mixto (ham and cheese)


Croissant with chocolate

Croissant butter and jam

Hot chocolates

Bowl (classic)

Guereta (with orange and cream)

Azteca (with vanilla and cream)

Truffled (with brandy, cinnamon and cream)


100% Arabica, La Tetería special blend of coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Brazil and Costa Rica.

Black coffee

Allergen free.

With milk

Hottie or with baileys

Latte machiato


Romeo (condensed milk, vanilla and cream)

Vienés (cream and cinnamon)

Irish coffee (whisky and cream)

Natural milk shakes

With cream or cream without lactose

Ask about our sugar free options

Almond (with almond cream and almond flour)

Nuts (with walnuts plums almond and cinnamon)



Chocolate (chocolate cream with nuts)

Passion Fruit

Lotus Cookies



Banana (with cinammon)

Berries (gooseberry, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry)

Cookies with honey and orange blossom water

Are you looking for something sweet but “light”? Don’t think it twice! Our delicious cookies with honey shake sprinkled with the slightly bitter taste of orange blossom is irresistible

Milk jam

Natural fruit sorbets

The flavours can be combined

Ask us about our sugar free options






Coffee sorbet

Orange and strawberry

Passion fruit

Lemon with peppermint



Pineapple and coconut

Orange juice big size

Libre de alérgenos

Orange juice small size

Libre de alérgenos.


Mix and match flavours as you please!

Avocado, Brazil nuts, dates, ginger, almond milk and cinnamon

Can’t believe what you see? Avocado and ginger? Correct! Surprise yourself today with one of the best kept secrets of our kitchen! Creamy, delicious and very healthy!

Allergens: nuts.

Carrot, orange, strawberry and agave syrup

Ginger, mango, kale, pineapple and honey.

Pineapple, banana, orange and spinach

Indian yogurt smoothies

Ask us about our sugar-free options

We also make them with soy yogurt

Mithy lassi (yogurt, cardamom and rose water)

Jara lassi (yogurt, lemon juice, mint and orange blossom water)

Cinnamon lassi (yoghurt, cinnamon and lemon juice)

Lassi lemon cake (cookies, condensed milk, lemon and yoghurt)

Berries (redcurrants, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries)

Apple / passion fruit / peach / strawberry / orange / pineapple / coconut

Matcha Tea Drinks

Green tea powder used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies

Matcha tea, yogurt, milk, sugar and mint

Mousse de jade con coco (matcha tea, milk, coconut, cream and sugar)

Matcha tea with banana, almond milk and agave)

Cappucino de matcha

Infusions and cold or icy teas

Ask us about our sugar-free options

Homemade lemonade with peppermint

Banana with cherry

Egyptian fruit drink

Papaya and tangerine

Cinnamon and lemon tea


Moroccan tea

Peach tea

Almond jump (almond, coconut, apple, hibiscus and vanilla)

Mint tea

African drink with hibiscus

Honeybush magic forest (strawberry, apple, raspberry leaves and petals)

Peach and apricot

Fruits of the forest

Other teas and infusions…

Find out the meaning of our allergen icons:

Ask us about sandwiches made with gluten-free bread.


Vegan option**










Sesame seeds

Sulfur dioxide and sulphites

Shelled fruits



*Vegan product from its conception.
** We can change some of the ingredients to be vegan.


You can choose whole grain, multigrain or gluten-free

You can also choose between lactose free, soy, oatmeal or almond.

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